Our Company is the oldest and most important Company for the production of ecclesiastical items and monument items, the quality of which is important and remarkable and established them in the Greek and foreign market. During the course and during all these years we worked hard and promoted our products, based on their continuous quality upgrade and optimization, the satisfaction and service of our customer, who is an integral part of this Company, the strengthening of Human Resources but also our social sensitivity and care for the environment. Our main direction and policy is our continuous investment in Human Resources, Management, Education, Lifelong Learning and Technology, constantly improving our competitiveness, which translates into better quality products and services, with ever lower prices. Our Company is built, nurtured and inspired by Values, Goals and Vision, such as Customer Focus, Consistency, Hard Work, Quality, Cooperation, Trust, Constant Effort and Improvement, and Faith in Renewal, and innovation, which together constitute our heavy "armament", for our development, progress and further consolidation, in our country and in many foreign countries. The comparative advantage of our Company lies in its high fidelity, the quality of its products and services and the excellent cooperation, response and service of its customers and partners, in every region of our country. In the context of the renewed, upgraded and strengthened position and all our action and activity, we present to you, with our greatest pleasure, our new, useful and practical, prospectus, which you already have in your hands and which will surely strengthen, even more , the cooperation between us. Thank you very much, for your trust, which gives us the strength, for continuous creation, development, perspective and future.


25 Klm National Road Athens - Korinthos, Mandra 210 5542 306


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Η εταιρία Θ.Βροχίδης ΑΒΕΕ είναι μια Βιομηχανική και εμπορική εταιρία εκκλησιαστικών ειδών και ειδών μνημείου. Στα πλαίσια μιας δυναμικής δραστηριοποίησης στο χώρο της λιανικής και χονδρικής πώλησης, τόσο στην εγχώρια αγορά όσο και στου εξωτερικού.